R.I.P Whitney Houston

My condolences goes out to the family of Whitney Houston…. RIP to a legend/icon.. 
Words can’t describe how I felt about Whitney, one of the most beautiful, angelic voices of music… Whitney did have her ups and downs, but her personal life should never out shadow what she did for and to music. I grew up on Whitney, everything from her music to her movies. The only two movies I watched as a little girl over and over other than Disney films, were “The Preachers Wife” and “Cinderella”…. Then as a adult, films that I still watch till this day “Waiting to Exhale” and “The Body Guard” the soundtracks for both of those movies were pure classics…. She was so beautiful and untouchable during her career. There will never be another Whitney Houston, I hope everyone takes the time out to appreciate her and don’t worry about things that went on in her life like turmoil just appreciate her for the good. She did leave an impact and will forever be loved and respected. In the words of Whitney Houston “For every win some one must fail, but there comes a point when we excel”… RIP Whitney Houston
Below check out some of my favorite moments from Whitney:
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