Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition Smartphone

Shouts Out My Source Luxist
Looking for the Ferrari of mobile phones? Ferrari itself has come up with a few, all made by different manufacturers. This is the latest, and probably the most advanced.

The Liquid E is made by Acer, Ferrari’s technological partner that already produces a line of special laptops for the Italian sportscar-maker and racing team. With a 3.5-inch touchscreen, Snapdragon processor and 5-megapixel digital camera, the Liquid E is no slouch, but for the Ferrari special edition it’s been upgraded with a special red case, Prancing Horse badge surrounded by carbon fiber trim, a microphone cutout designed after the air intake on the side of a Scuderia Ferrari F1 car, and in all likelihood a variety of Ferrari-themed wallpapers, icons, screen savers and ring-tones. It also comes with a matching Bluetooth earpiece.

No word on pricing just yet as it’s just been unveiled, but expect that to be suitably Ferrari-inspired as well.

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