Konstantino Dregos

QUOTE FROM Konstantino Dregos HIMSELF “Well, my inspiration sources are rather banal…I mean, I go for a walk in the park or around my neighborhood and observe flowers and plants, I collect photos from newspapers, books and magazines of things that seem to be interesting to me and generally my inspiration comes from life. I also have a small voice recorder almost always in my pocket and when I have an idea or a thought I simply press the rec. button and talk to myself. Sometimes it’s quite confusing because I lose my truck… My studio is always in a total mess and that plays also a role in how some ideas develop…I mean I make a drawing or I note an Idea on a piece of paper then I put it somewhere in this chaos of mine and it doesn’t hold long till it gets lost and maybe months later rediscovered. That’s sometimes a bit bothering but it can be also very surprising. I draw a lot and in a quite unusual way. Due to that, visual solutions rise that are beyond any control and thereby possibly point every time in a new direction. In my work I attempt to undergo the process of reality translated into visual schemes. In its reverse direction I find myself building flowers, seeds and blossoms out of leather and tar. The concept that unites them is the dipole “nature and culture”.

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